118 to determine the number and spacing of clips.

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If the rope grab assembly cannot be repaired, it must be destroyed immediately. These systems can be used to protect workers who that are working at heights. 1.

Rope grabs are designed for use with 5/8-in.

ANSI Z359, and ANSI Z359. . .

The rope grab does have a shock pack on it, which is your energy-absorption device. General Physical Conditions and Structures Article 4.

Employers must ensure that wire rope and wire-rope slings: 1915.

Employers must not use improved plow-steel wire rope and wire-rope slings with loads in excess of the rated capacities (i.

(16 mm) synthetic rope lifeline with a minimum tensile strength of 5:000 lbs. (16 mm) synthetic rope lifeline with a minimum tensile strength of 5:000 lbs.

Grab bars extend 42 inches (1. In the case of a fall, it will deploy and elongate out of the shock pack.

(2) Rope-grab-type deceleration devices.
Our safety lanyards meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements.
30 and 1910.



. A sliding fitting (rope grab or shuttle) connects to the line and a lanyard connects the worker’s harness to that sliding fitting. Paragraph (h)(8) of Section III of the.

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Apr 30, 2012 · All the components of a vertical lifeline system should be inspected regularly.

112 (b) (3) When U-bolt wire rope clips are used to form eyes, employers must use Table G–1 in § 1915. (22kN).



All risk of lower end termination must be eliminated prior to use.

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