I wrote more about her here.

com) Hi! I've recently discovered that I've a conjunction between my Sun (in cancer 29º) and the asteroid Sappho (29º)-.

F. I was in a many years.


May 1, 2017 · We have so many asteroid aspects on top of the couple of amazing vertex conjunctions to name a few: my Ceres and Sappho conjunct by 1^ to her vertex, and her Isis and Sappho conjunct by <1^ to my Sun.

Transits involving Sappho highlight common ground between people and accentuate interaction with close friends. I was in a many years. .

Lilith conjunct the Ascendant or MC–super sexy in a more raw way than Eros.

Ceres is there for you, no matter what, and will sacrifice everything in its devotion to you. Saturn is the planet of restriction, commitment, and reality. The.

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Plus her Valentine and Pluto are conjuncg exact my descendant. .

Sun conjunct Sun in synastry: Your overall characteristics and energy levels are very similar. .

May 1, 2018 · Sappho is the only asteroid Iknow to have near my Ascendant - a quite important position.
Amor conjunct Sun in Pisces.



Sappho conjunct the Ascendant of MC–super sexy in a more refined way than Eros or Lilith. . .

That is Sappho–high brow. Vertex aspects in synastry typically represent a predetermined romantic event. His Saturn/vesta conjunction is conjunct my sun in my 8th His Juno/ceres conjunction is in my 2nd and trine my Jupiter/valentine conjunction exact and trine my vertex under 2 degrees His Pluto trine. So close, in fact, that Ceres never wanted to. This can be their physical body or their general personality.


Eros conjunct the Ascendant or the MC—super sexy. Synastry Aspects for Soulmates – Vertex and Anti Vertex Conjunct.


So as I think it was said above that this asteroid is about refined sexual expression, not being sleazy.

She had a daughter (Persephone) and they were close.

Fortuna Conjunct the Vertex.

They will be drawn on a magnetic level.